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Abreo - Abreo Philosophy - Abreo Restaurant in Rockford IL

What is the philosophy of abreo?

I want to have fun, and I want our guests to have fun as well.

I did not get in to this business for any other reason than the fact that I have a great time doing it. I love my time in the kitchen creating, tweaking and sometimes failing at new dishes. I love working with a great staff and watching as a team of 20 or so all work together for a common purpose. I love grinding in the kitchen on a busy night in the chaos and then walking through the dining room to talk with guests who have no idea what it took to make their dining experience happen. I love the relationships with guests and staff that have been built because of our time together at Abreo. My goal is to never get bored, never be afraid to take a chance and to always appreciate the people around me.

So the philosophy of Abreo? We are proud and excited about what we do and have faith that our guests will have a great experience at Abreo.

Paul Sletten