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Drinking at Abreo

We believe that our drinks are as important to a great experience as the food and service, and at Abreo we have great expectations behind the bar--which means fantastic options for you. Our restaurant features more than 60 wines, with over 20 available by the glass, that have been carefully tasted and selected by beverage director Matt Odorowski. Matt and our team will be glad to put together a wine pairing perfectly chosen to go with your tasting menu. Please call in advance to inquire about this feature.

Not to be outdone by the wine list, our cocktails and beer offerings are just as well placed. Abreo's cocktails strive for a balance of old and new with a focus on seasonal flavors. Our beer list is selective and constantly changing to include craft small-batch brews along with imports and classic domestic varieties.

At Abreo, your bartenders are always willing to guide you in choosing the perfect drink or getting to know your personal tastes and discovering a new favorite.